DLSL Website
Applications Pool
 Application Name : WebApps
 Date Deployed : October of 2007
 URL : http://webapps.dlsl.edu.ph/
 Description : WebApps is the place where employees of De La Salle Lipa can access all the Institutional web-based applications developed in-house by the Information Systems Department.
Developer : Gil L. Paganiban
 Application Name : HURISystem
 Date Deployed : July of 2007
 URL : Not Available
 Description : HURISystem (Human Resources Information System) is developed to handle the Institution's human resources' usual transactions such as employees records, evaluations, time keeping, contracts, and also job application records.
Developer : Gil L. Paganiban
 Application Name : FRS
 Date Deployed : August 29,2007
 URL : http://webapps.dlsl.edu.ph/frs/
 Description : The Information Systems Department, with the help of the MCO-Facilities Officer, has formally presented the Institution's latest web application called "FRS" - Facilities Reservation System, to the offices of De La Salle Lipa
Developer : Gil L. Paganiban
 Application Name : DLSL Prayer Board
 Date Deployed : Januay of 2007
 URL : http://services.dlsl.edu.ph/spiritual/
 Description :  
Developer : Jerwin Lasin
 Application Name : VehicleXpress
 Date Deployed : November of 2007
 URL : http://vrs.dlsl.edu.ph
 Description : "VehicleXpress" - Vehicle Reservation System, De La Salle Lipa's Online Vehicle Reservation system. Developed in Dot NET Framework, the VehicleXpress will handle all the vehicle reservations of De La Salle Lipa Offices.
Developer : Gil L. Paganiban
 Application Name : LICA Online
 Date Deployed : February 2007
 URL : http://services.dlsl.edu.ph/lica/
 Description :  
Developer : Jerwin Lasin