Guidelines for Cancelling a Reservation:
Cancellation Procedure:


  1. Cancellation of reservations may be done online using a cancellation code supplied by FRS. Alternatively, the reserving party may sign a cancellation log at the Reservations Office.
  2. Events already approved by the Vice-Chancellor for Administration may be cancelled at the Reservations Office. A cancellation slip is to be issued by the Reservations Officer to the party making the cancellation.
Sanctions/Penalties in Violation of Reservation Policies and Procedures:

Failure to cancel the activity, the following sanctions/penalties are as follows:

    1. For first offense:
      • Written warning will be given
      • Cost of the maintenance and other costing of the reservation should be charged.
    1. For second offense:
      • One month ban for the use of any facility/venue under reservations office.
    1. For third and consecutive offense:
      • Ban for the use of any facility/venue under reservations office for the whole school year.